I've downloaded the plug-in, what’s next?

Nothing ! Affilizr is now converting your links into affiliate ones. Just don’t forget to put links on your content and check statistics on your dashboard!

What about money?

The retail website is in charge of determining the commission you will receive. For example, a retail website can transfer you 7% of commission. If someone is buying through your blog for 100 euros, We collect 7 euros and you get 75% of this total. That means 5.25 euros automatically in your pocket!. As soon as you've earned 30 euros, Affilizr transfers your money to you.

Why not to affiliate links by my own?

Affiliate links is time consuming. On the top of that, Affilizr is pooling traffic and commissions. Meaning, we generate more sales and get better commissions offers from partnering with retailshops. So for example, instead of a 7% commission, Affilizr can hope to have a 8 to 10% commission, so between 6 and 7.5 euros for you instead of 5.25 euros.

More questions?

Feel free to contact us at hello@affilizr.fr